Wiki software your team will actually use.

Discover the new way to organize your team’s know-how. Playbookify is the first wiki software that makes know-how actionable with reusable playbooks

Wiki docs

Capture your team’s know-how in one company wiki

wiki software


Create actionable playbooks to scale faster

playbook software


Manage your repetitive activities with checklists

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Wiki made actionable – finally.

Unlike generic doc tools, Playbookify is built to make know-how actionable. No static wikis but actionable playbooks you can actually run as many times as you want.

how it works

Ways to use Playbookify


Remote work

Employee onboarding

Internal wiki

Internal communication


Quality management

Lessons learned


Built to accelerate execution

Stay focused

See actions and know-how in one screen

Stay focused, keep your team in flow state. Know-how and actions live side by side, so you’ll never have to switch between ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do it’ again.


Build and assign your playbook and track progress

Empower your team members to perfectly execute recurring activities. Get a clear overview of all assigned playbooks, so you’re always on top of your work.

Clear, visual and up-to-date

Provide clear, visual and up-to-date instructions

Build a scalable organization, by creating clear, easy on the eye playbooks, based on most recent insights and lessons learned.

Scale with confidence

Scale faster with less effort

Create playbooks to distribute know-how and experience within your team, so that everyone in your team always knows what to do and how to do it – easier and at scale.

Accelerate learning curve

Build a learning culture and constantly improve

Use playbooks to get rid of the countless repetitive questions. Capture your team’s know-how in playbooks and tie learning and doing together to improve learning speed.

Raise your standards

Have consistency across teams and activities

Use playbooks to define, communicate, and guard your company’s standards and encourage everybody to constantly contribute to optimizing your playbooks.


Have clarity

Scale faster with less effort.

Have clarity: everyone knows what to do and how to do it.

Share know-how

Build a learning culture. 

Distribute know-how within your team, without the countless 1:1s. 

Communicate asynchronously

Make remote work work.

Get more done by using actionable playbooks, no matter where you are.

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