Checklist software to increase productivity

Create and use checklists to delegate more easily and raise your quality standards. Manage your recurring activities with checklists in Playbookify.

checklist software

Delegate repetitive work without feeling uncertain

Beat the nagging feeling of not being able to delegate work properly. Instead, create a checklist for repetitive work, assign your team members to execute the job, and delegate confidently.


Gear your organization toward scalability

Even your best team members forget things. With checklists in Playbookify, you minimize human error and everyone knows exactly what to do.

Upgrade your checklists to playbooks

Checklists are not how-to guides, but quick and easy tools to streamline work. Does your process need more how-to content? In Playbookify, you can add images, (instructional) videos and other dynamic content to your checklist, so you have a complete playbook to run your business.


How it works


Create your checklists

Create a checklist from scratch or use one of our templates. 


Run your checklists

Click ‘run’ to use the checklist or assign it to your teammate.


Track progress of each run

Keep track of the progress of each checklist run. 

The most dynamic checklist software


Unlimited checklists

3, 50, 1000 checklists? All our plans come with unlimited checklists. Knock yourself out!


Add images and videos to your checklists

Use images and videos to explain your checklist.


Assign checklists to your teammates

Want to delegate your work? Assign a teammate to your checklist and keep track of the progress.


Set a deadline

Meet your deadlines by simply assigning a date to your checklist run.