🚀   Customer onboarding playbook

Make (enterprise) customer onboarding effortless

Welcome your new customers with a delightful onboarding experience, by using a customer onboarding playbook to make sure that every step in the onboarding process is executed perfectly. Never skip a step in the customer onboarding process again and make your customer feel like a rockstar.

Delight your customer with a frictionless onboarding experience

Customer onboarding playbook in Playbookify

Increase time-to-value

Eliminate bottlenecks in your customer onboarding process and speed up product adoption. A smooth onboarding process makes you and your customer win both: shorter time-to-value means shorter time to revenue.


Collaborate with your customer

Seamlessly work towards your success milestones together with your customer. Keep track of open tasks and see where your customer needs help.


Win your customers' confidence

Impress your customers with a well-structured plan and set the stage for a delightful journey together.

How to get started

Define your customer onboarding steps

Document your customer onboarding process using the rich editor, import an existing document or simply start a screen recording to build the first version of your playbook. 

Use the customer onboarding playbook

Run a new instance of your customer onboarding playbook every time a customer signs up. This way you and your team are always on the same page while delivering your customer a wow-experience. 

Keep improving your playbook

The best playbooks are those that are continually optimized. Every time your team discovers an improvement you update the playbook. That way, your customer onboarding process gets better and better.

Deliver your a-game at every onboarding process

Be consistent

Offer your customer a world-class onboarding, regardless the team member that’s in charge of the onboarding. 

Keep improving

Bring consistency to your customer onboarding process and optimize your playbook with each project so you can give the next customer an even warmer welcome.

Collaborate with your customer

Engage your customer in the onboarding process and give them access to your checklist, so that you’re always on the same page. 

Customer Onboarding Playbook