Knowledge management

Don’t manage knowledge; utilize it

Build a learning organization by capturing your team’s know-how and experience in actionable playbooks so that your team can turn know-how into action.

knowledge management software

All your company’s know-how in one place

Build your team’s collective brain by creating playbooks and define who has access to these playbooks. No more endless searches for loose word docs, presentations and emails, but all company know-how in one place. 

software for knowledge management

Turn your know-how into action with ‘run mode’ 

Being productive is all about taking action. Therefore, Playbookify is built with one goal in mind: to empower you to activate your know-how and experience. Documenting what you know and translating that into actionable playbooks and checklists will help you take massive action. In Playbookify, you can ‘run’ your playbook. This means you can keep track of the progress of your playbooks and you can collaborate with other team members to get the job done. 

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