Scaling a business can be stressful.

Playbookify aims to fix that.

🧡   Our why

Our mission is to empower teams to leverage their accumulated know-how and experience. 

We’ve been there, too.
We understand what it feels like to run an up hill battle.

We’ve struggled a lot scaling our previous companies.

We had bad hires.
We found it hard to delegate properly and we wasted a lot of time doing things that didn’t move the needle.

Simply put, it was often a 💩 show.

One of our main mistakes: we didn’t create systems to distribute know-how. As a result, our team was constantly reinventing the wheel and made countless costly mistakes.

Although we acknowledged the importance of building a collective brain, we’ve struggled a lot to make it happen.

First, we had countless 1:1 meetings to transfer know-how, and since we realized that this approach didn’t scale, we started documenting our know-how and processes.

We wrote down everything we knew. Word, Google Docs, Confluence and several other tools: we tried them all.

It didn’t work.

We got stuck with hundreds of documents floating around and our team found it impossible to turn the knowledge stated in those documents into action. No one was reading it, no one was applying it. We were lost.

We realized we needed to change the way we organized our know-how.

We threw in some project management tools: Asana, Monday and Trello to name a few.

In the beginning it felt great, but before we knew it, we got lost in the amount of tools, links, checklists and templates. Again, the whole team was lost.

The new approach: “We need to push harder.“

Putting in more hours.
Burning the midnight oil.
Vacations became workations.

It wasn’t really fun.

Not surprisingly, this approach was not fruitful for long either.

Then, we arrived in the I’ll-do-it-myself-stage.

Frustrated about underperforming teams and individuals, as founders, we ended up doing the heavy lifting ourselves. Again.

Squeezing in some extra hours to get the job done: maybe that was just the fate of the first team members of a scale-up. It’s part of the journey, isn’t it?

Finally, we realized what was holding us back: we where using the wrong tools. Tools that were built to manage know-how, instead of utilizing know-how.

And that’s exactly why we’ve built our platform. With Playbookify, we wanted to solve the struggles of scaling a team for once and for all. First we did it for ourselves, now we’re happy to help you do the same.

Today, Playbookify is world’s first productivity platform that helps you to turn know-how into action.

Unlike knowledge management and project management software, Playbookify shows your team what to do and how to do it – in one screen.

No more floating documents and static wiki’s, but one place to manage all your teams recurring activities.

It’s time to have fun again.
It’s time to Playbookify your business.