Grow your business with an interactive playbook

Bring calm to your business. Onboarding, training, work instructions and SOPs; all the knowledge your team members need in one place.


Train your team

Standardize your processes

Centralize your knowledge

A growing business is complex.

Managing a growing business even more complex.

  • “Onboarding new hires takes way too much time.”
  • “I keep answering the same questions…”
  • “Why are we constantly reinventing the wheel?”
  • “Our work instructions are hardly ever used…”

Your business deserves a playbook.

Beat the complexities of a growing business and discover what it feels like when business runs like Swiss clockwork.

➞ Work instructions & SOPs

➞ Interactive playbooks

➞ Internal knowledge base

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Leverage the knowledge and experience of all your people and structure your business.

Onboarding programs

Cut new employees’ onboarding time in half and train your employees with less costly 1:1 coaching.

Operational manuals

Capture repetitive tasks in work instructions and SOPs and delegate with confidence.

Internal knowledge base

Gather your team’s knowledge in one place and eliminate the distraction of recurring questions.

Train your employees and reduce onboarding time

✔︎ Create an interactive onboarding program

✔︎ Assign the onboarding program to each new team member

✔︎ See where team members are in their onboarding process


Standardize procedures with interactive playbooks

✔︎ Create work instructions, manuals and checklists

✔︎ Add logic and automations

✔︎ See what has been done and what needs to be done

business playbook overview

Centralize knowledge with an internal knowledge base

✔︎ Access to knowledge always and everywhere

✔︎ Simplifies working from home

✔︎ All knowledge and information in one place

centralize knowledge

Grow faster with less effort

Focus on growth, without the feeling that something will break at any moment.

Raise quality standards

Minimize errors with clear work instructions and manuals.

Save costs on repetitive work

Let your team work more efficiently and reduce your costs.

Delegate with confidence

Hand over responsibilities and tasks with confidence.

Want to know how to get started?

Our team is ready to answer your questions.

Work instructions and SOPs: from static to INTERACTIVE

Often the wrong tools are used for work instructions and SOPs. Software like Word, Google Docs or Confluence are excellent for text editing, but updating, assigning and tracking status is very difficult – if not impossible – in these tools.

In Playbookify, your work instructions, checklists and SOPs are interactive and easy to track. You can see exactly who has done what, and what still needs to be done.

how it works
What can I use Playbookify for?

You can use Playbookify to create work instructions, SOPs, scripts, manuals and checklists. It allows you to train your team, delegate repetitive work, and transfer instructions and procedures in a scalable way.

Who is Playbookify suitable for?

Anyone working in a team can work with Playbookify, and even when working alone you can use Playbookify to create checklists to make your own workflow easier.

What do I need to do to set up Playbookify?

It depends on your requirements and the complexity of your processes. If you have existing work instructions, SOPs, manuals or scripts, we can import them for you free of charge. You can also get started right away on your own.

Do you also provide templates?

Yes, we have several templates and are constantly expanding our template library. You can use all our templates for free and fully customize them to your liking.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, there is even a free version. You can use Playbookify completely free for as long as you want. You can create an unlimited number of documents and pages. When you actually start using the playbooks, there is a limit of 5 per month. When you need more, you can upgrade to a subscription.

How can I get started?

You can create a free account immediately by clicking here. Would you prefer a tour first? Schedule a 45-minute online demo where we’ll explain Playbookify to you.