Create actionable playbooks to scale with confidence

Create engaging, actionable and visually attractive playbooks to scale your operations.

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Create actionable playbooks

Unlike generic doc tools, Playbookify is built to make know-how actionable, so you can actually run your playbooks as many times as you want.

how it works

Start with a template

Not a writer? No worries – we’ve got you covered. Start with one of our templates and get started in minutes! 



How it works


Create your playbook

Create a playbook from scratch or use one of our playbook templates. 


Run your playbooks

Click ‘run’ to use the playbook or assign it to your teammate.


Track progress of each run

Keep track of the progress of each playbook run.

The most dynamic playbook software


Unlimited playbooks

3, 50, 1000 playbooks? All our plans come with unlimited playbooks. Knock yourself out!


Add images and videos to your playbooks

Use images and videos to enrich your playbooks and make them engaging with illustrations. 


Assign checklists to your teammates

Want to delegate your work? Assign a teammate to your playbook and keep track of the progress.


Set a deadline

Meet your deadlines by assigning a date to your playbook run.