Playbooks reinvented.

Playbooks are the most powerful instrument to scale effortlessly. Yet, most teams struggle to use their playbooks. We are here to solve this.

Problem #1

Playbooks created the old way are static

Playbooks in generic text editing tools are not actionable. You can use them as a reference document, but you can’t assign a playbook to your teammate in order to let them run an instance of your playbook. 

As a result, you can’t track progress and you won’t be able to see who’s doing what.

Problem #2

Playbooks created the old way are all over the place

People can’t find the playbooks they need easily, because all playbooks are floating around in all kinds of folders and emails. Plus, they don’t know if they have the most recent version because there is no version history. And last but not least: all playbooks are scattered across all kinds of different file formats.

As a result, your playbooks are hardly used and you end up doing all the work yourself – again. 

Problem #3

Playbooks created the old way are outdated and inaccurate

With all the static, stand-alone playbooks, it’s nearly impossible to keep all the information up to date.

As a result, the information in playbooks becomes outdated and the team loses confidence in performing repetitive activities.

Welcome to the new way to create and use playbooks

Discover a better way to create and use playbooks. Get started with Playbookify and start scaling your business with confidence. 

All your playbooks actionable.

In Playbookify, you can run an unlimited number of instances of your playbooks. This allows you to track progress, see who is doing what, and keep everyone on the same page. 

how it works

All your playbooks in one place.

Always find all your playbooks in the blink of an eye. Define your own folder structure, use the search function and bookmark your favorite playbooks.

playbook overview

All your playbooks up to date.

Always be in control of the content of your playbooks. Allow all team members to contribute and encourage them optimize your playbooks to constantly improve your processes and scale easier. 

submit suggestion to a playbook

Embed all sorts of content into your playbooks.

Video, images, checklists and advanced fields; Playbookify supports a wide variety of playbook components to create the visual and actionable playbooks. 

embed content playbook

Generate playbooks in a few clicks

Use one of our templates and adjust the content to match your needs. 

generate playbook example

Have clarity

Scale faster with less effort.

Have clarity: everyone knows what to do and how to do it.

Share know-how

Build a learning culture. 

Distribute know-how within your team, without the countless 1:1s. 

Communicate asynchronous

Make remote work work.

Get more done by using actionable playbooks, no matter where you are.