Overwhelmed by all the repetitive questions?

Scaling a team can be really stressful – especially if you lack a scalable way to keep everyone in their flow state. Organize your scattered documentation in actionable playbooks to get rid of the countless repetitive questions in your organization.


Leverage the accumulated knowledge and experience of all your people

At Playbookify, we understand you want to scale your business with confidence. 
We have discovered that consistently managing your recurring activities is the secret sauce to scaling. With Playbookify, your team creates actionable playbooks to maximize productivity and to continuously improve your operations.

See actions and know-how in one screen

Stay focused, stay in the flow. Know-how and actions live side by side, so you’ll never have to switch between ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do it’ again.

Build and assign your playbook and track progress

Empower your team members to perfectly execute recurring activities. Get a clear overview of all assigned playbooks, so you’re always on top of your work.

Provide clear, visual and up-to-date instructions

Build a scalable organization, by creating clear, easy-on-the-eye playbooks, based on most recent insights and lessons learned.

Actions and know-how, finally together

Imagine that Asana and Google Docs had a baby, wouldn’t that save valuable time? In Playbookify, actions and know-how live side by side: everything you need to know and do to perform recurring activities, together in one screen. Keep track of work in progress and have more fun scaling your business.


Fast-growing teams use playbooks to scale

If you need to execute a process in your business more than once, write a playbook and scale training, onboarding and knowledge transfers.

Achieve your ambitious goals in three steps.

1. Create your Playbooks

2. Run and improve your Playbooks

3. Scale with confidence

Learn how other high growth companies scale.

Listen to the Playbookify Your Business Podcast to learn how great leaders set their teams and processes up for success.