Remote work

Get more done, no matter where you are

Use playbooks to distribute know-how and manage recurring activities perfectly, without being in the same office – asynchronous communication at its best.

remote work

Share your know-how via playbooks

Centralize your know-how by creating playbooks in one central tool. Get rid of countless separate documents and get your team on the same page – at scale.

remote work playbook

Create checklists to raise quality standards

You don’t have to be in the same office to collaborate effectively. Capture your processes in easy-to-use checklists and help your team move the needle forward.

Keep track of who’s doing what

Get a grip on your entire operation using the tracking features in Playbookify. See who uses which playbook and checklist and where they are in the process. 

Next-level asynchronous communication

Get your new sales heros up to speed quickly. Share the sales playbook and increase your time-to-first-deal.