ūüöĬ† ¬†Sales demo playbook

Increase conversion on your demos with the sales demo playbook

With the sales demo playbook, everyone in your sales team has the knowledge, information and action items on hand in one screen to make each demo effective.

All the required knowledge and all the actions for your sales demos at one glance

A successful sales demo is not a coincidence: it is the meticulous following of a well thought out script. You put that script, from qualifying question to closing technique, into your sales demo playbook. That way everyone on your sales team is a winner.

Sales demo playbook

Move away from trial-and-error sales approaches

sales demo playbook detail

Structure your sales demos

Craft the perfect sales demo process and help everyone in your sales team give demos according to your proven methods.


Get better with every demo

Keep improving your sales demo playbook, by adding new knowledge, techniques and checklist items to your playbook. 


Embrace consistency

Let everyone in your sales team perform at the same high level. 


Easily train and onboard new sales people

Use your sales demo playbook to get new sales people up to speed quickly and dramatically increase the time to their first deal. 

Build your sales demo playbook in Playbookify

Everything you need in one screen 

Forget about switching between wikis, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and project management tools; Playbookify shows you all the knowledge, content and actions your sales teams needs to deliver a perfect demo. 

Keep improving 

Upgrade your sales demo playbook after every demo. Encourage everyone in your team to share learnings directly in your sales demo playbook. 

Integrate with your favorite sales CRM

Integrate Playbookify with your sales CRM to sync contacts and trigger automations in your sales playbook. 

Start with a template

Why doing the heavy lifting yourself? Simply pick our sales demo template, specifically designed for B2B SaaS companies and start from there! 

sales demo playbook detail