🚀   Sales playbook

Finally, the right tool to build and manage your sales playbook

Help everyone in your sales team win more deals, by building and implementing a sales playbook in Playbookify: sales playbook software to guide your team at every sales cycle.

Scale your sales team with an actionable sales playbook

Unlike PDF’s, text documents and presentations, in Playbookify all your sales knowledge and sales actions live on the same page, so that your sales staff can be productive at every sales cycle. 

sales playbook software

Get the knowledge out of the heads of your best people

Capture your sales process in your sales playbook and add the knowledge and content that sales people need to represent your business and sell your product. 

Use the power of consistency to scale your sales team

Create consistency across your team members in the way they execute the sales process.

Onboard new sales hires in days – not months

Get your new sales heros up to speed quickly. Share the sales playbook and increase your time-to-first-deal. 

Move away from trial-and-error sales approaches

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Structure your sales process

Align your sales team by creating a sales playbook that contains all information your sales team needs to deliver results. 


Maximize sales productivity

Run your sales playbook at every sales cycle and let Playbookify guide your sales representatives to maximize sales productivity. 


Run your sales playbook to win more deals

Empower your sales team to engage customers at every step of the buying journey and win more deals. 


Easily train and onboard new sales people

Use your sales playbook to get new sales people up to speed quickly and dramatically increase the time to their first deal. 

Build your sales playbook in Playbookify

Finally use your sales playbook 🚀

Word, Google Docs or PowerPoint are not made to create sales playbooks; Playbookify is. In Playbookify you have all the knowledge of your sales process and the actions you need to perform in one overview.

Keep improving ✅

Bring consistency to your sales process and optimize your sales playbook with each sales cycle, so you can maximize your sales effectiveness at every deal.

Integrate with your favorite sales CRM 👩‍💻

Integrate Playbookify with your sales CRM to sync contacts and trigger automations in your sales playbook. 

Sales Playbook