Overwhelmed by the countless repetitive questions?

You may be thinking this every day: why do I have to answer this question again? Eliminate this distraction and start scaling your know-how today.

Transfer know-how via playbooks to build a calm organization

use playbooks to scale knowledge transfers

Embrace asynchronous communication

Allow all your team members to receive, absorb and respond to information on their own schedules, by creating and assigning playbooks instead of having countless 1:1s.

Centralize questions and answers to eliminate distractions

Answer questions from your team in a scalable way. Don’t get bogged down in countless daily chats and beat the ‘got-a-minute?’ moments, by adding FAQ-sections to your playbooks.

Use visuals and video to get your message across – at scale

Use the power of images and video to transfer know-how within your team. Shoot a video, embed it into your playbook and leverage your one-time recording efforts. 

Scale with confidence

Create a playbook for all your processes

Create playbooks to distribute know-how and experience within your team, so that everyone in your team always knows what to do and how to do it – easier and at scale.

Accelerate learning curve

Build a learning culture and constantly improve

Use playbooks to get rid of the countless repetitive questions. Capture your team’s know-how in playbooks and tie learning and doing together to improve learning speed.