Security at Playbookify

How Playbookify is secure by design


General security

Playbookify values your security & privacy. Our application has been designed with security and privacy enforced at all times, not as an afterthought.

Data protection

Your data is yours and nobody elses. Data that you create is only available to you unless you explicitly share it with outside organizations or people, for instance when you share a playbook via Public Share.


Data is encrypted both at rest and during transport of data. Our databases are not accessible from the outside world and can only be accessed from our application server.


Data is not accessible without authentication. Playbookify maintains a stateful connection to the user and for each and every connection our application revalidates the authenticity of the user. 

Secure, reliable infrastructure

Playbookify uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers for hosting. AWS data centers are monitored 24×7, including all necessary security measures to provide top grade security levels.

Production Environment

We maintain separate and distinct production, staging, and development environments for Playbookify. Our development and support team do not have direct database access. In case of troubleshooting problems they can only access your account with your explicit permission.

GDPR and Data

All your data is stored within Europe. Playbookify is a corporation in the Netherlands and as such complies to Dutch and European data protection.

Organizational security

Our team members are properly trained in organizational security and there are policies in place for managing data and accounts. Also, access control to the application is enforced at all times. If a user leaves your organization and is disabled in the application there is no longer access to the application.


If you have questions about the security of Playbookify, please send an email to We are happy to help!